DRY HIRE- Installation and setup is NOT included, customers have two options of “Dry
1. Collection and return of the goods are made by the customer from Themes premises
at Beckery Road, Glastonbury.
2. Delivery can be made via our own vehicles; the Hirer must ensure they have staff to
move the props, as the driver will simply take the goods off the vehicle from the tail
lift. All deliveries will include protective covers/cages/packing crates, these will be
left with the goods ready for the customer to repack ready for collection.
Assistance must be provided to the driver to unload and reload, failure to aid will
result in the driver leaving without delivery or collection of the goods. This will incur
penalty charges* or refusal of delivery**. Note; it is the customer’s duty to ensure
props are ready for collection in the same condition as delivered (ie packed down
and with protective covers). Normal delivery times are Monday- Friday 9am until
5pm, outside of these times and weekends incur additional costs, please telephone
for details.
Goods can be returned to Themes Incorporated Ltd in the same manner as above, clients
are responsible for repackaging of the props in the same condition as they were delivered
(ie they are packed into boxes, with protective packaging or strapped onto pallets), in
addition the hirer must be present to reload any collection vehicle.
*Penalty charges, will be advised at the time of delivery however a minimum charge of
£150 would be applied as an inconvenience fee. In addition will be the labour charge @ £35
per hour for the time involved.
**Refusal of Delivery, this will happen if the items to be unloaded are unmanageable for
one person to unload, whilst this would always be the last resort as we strive to deliver all
items, we are not prepared to infringe Health and Safety rules and manual handling
All additional transport charges for re-delivery/collection will be charged.
Customer requirements for Hire:-
• Customers collecting hire must bring photographic ID when collecting goods.
• Hirers must be in full time employment.
• Payment will be accepted by the hirer in person via Credit/Debit Card
• We will not accept a third party collecting goods on behalf of the hirer.
• Sound and Lighting items will not be shipped via third party couriers (ie option 2 and
3 above) unless the company or individual has dealt with Themes Incorporated on
several occasions previous.